William Kamkwamba – Inventor

June 23, 2014 Comments Off on William Kamkwamba – Inventor
William Kamkwamba – Inventor

William Kamkwamba, Malawian
Meet the boy who harnessed the wind. Born in Malawi, William was only 14 years old when he built an electricity-producing windmill from junkyard scraps in order to provide a steady source of water for his family’s farm and village in Masitala Village, Wimbe. With a bicycle dynamo and chain ring, tractor fan, rubber belts and bamboo poles, William succeeded in building a functioning windmill that provided energy for two radios and four light bulbs. Fuelled by the modest success of the initial windmill, William set out to build a larger windmill to help with irrigation for his entire village. Kamkwamba is currently studying for a degree in Environmental studies and Engineering at Dartmouth College in the USA.

Source: http://static.inspiration.entrepreneur.com/we/file/000/018/564/18564-1387862952014.png

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