What People Have To say

November 2, 2014 Comments Off on What People Have To say
What People Have To say

Volunteers are some of our most valued partners, and Global Youth Service Day celebrates the efforts of the youngest of them. These young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow; they can play a leading role in the development of their communities today. Let us hope that their good works today blossom into lifelong commitments that will benefit all the world’s people.

It’s so easy to feel defeated when you look at the size of the problems that face the human race, to feel like there is nothing you can do. My message to young people now is that every individual can make a difference. The collective influence of groups of individuals is unbelievably powerful. The Global Youth Action Network harnesses the energy of young people and provides them tools and resources for change. Its work is critically important.

Dr. Jane Goodall, Primatologist; Founder, Jane Goodall Institute and GYAN Advisor

Kofi Annan, Former United Nations Secretary-General

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