Voluntary Services

No job is mean and no work is without gain. So do whatever comes your way. Do not leave opportunities for others. Believe in regular, consistent hard work. Believe in unity and co-operation.

It is a fact that people succeed where governments fail. To start with, Pakistan needs 70 % voluntary work in every sphere, for a quick up-lift.  Every citizen should spare a set time for voluntary work, three times a week. In the West, the voluntary sector is indispensable for progress despite efficient governments.  UK’s voluntary service is very well organised sector and has a legal basis too.

Volunteers are people who are not greedy despite being needy but only their nominal needs are looked after such as travelling expenses, provision of light meals and refreshment etc; still they are happy and content because they believe in helping deserving persons or right causes.  They believe in making difference in someone’s life or in society, then why to wait for the government?  They are duty conscious towards their nations. That is the true spirit of voluntary work.

Benefits of volunteering 

Voluntary work is an effective way of reducing social crimes by restoring self- esteem of the deranged elements of society.

In today’s job industry volunteering is:

A chance of developing existing skills or to gain more

The experience of working in a different environment

Volunteering is opportunity to learn more about yourself and your capabilities and gaining more self-confidence.

Enhancement of potential or relevant vocational training which could lead to a recognised qualification

An insight in the work of a particular sector

The intrinsic satisfaction of contributing something you feel is worthwhile and which will be valued.

Volunteering is a great way of gathering valuable experience for your CV and for future job applications.

Good volunteering practice can generate a democratic ethos in a ‘lost’ society and pave way for a strong national government.



Our society is periled with vested interests. Beware of people who might be there to disrupt your programme or target you as enemies.

Under the present circumstances, it is the duty of young people to become the eyes and ears of the nation to safe guard the integrity of their country. Youth groups should form Neighbourhood Watch Committees to keep a watch on their communities.

Considering Pakistan’s situation with neighbouring countries, the Government should train a volunteer’s force to be used along side Rangers and regular armed forces.

  • Do not confront and challenge local people.
  • Do not get involved in local feuds.