Urban and Rural Life

October 10, 2013 Comments Off on Urban and Rural Life
Urban and Rural Life

Pointers to some immediate problems

Before putting some ideas forward it seems appropriate to lay out eminent problems relating to Pakistan’s urban and rural life (where work can begin).

Urban problems

In cities, housing and unemployment are a big issue and many co-related problems stem from here.

80 % of Pakistan’s rural population has migrated to towns and cities in quest of jobs, making these places overcrowded, chaotic and unhealthy. As governments have done nothing to improve the public sector over many decades problem of hunger, poverty and ignorance have built up.

There is an urgent need to control unruly population growth.  Powerful family planning rules and regulations should be enforced.

To control haphazard growth of cities and the bad use of land, the monopoly of petty property dealers should come to an end. A town planning law should be developed and enforced. A big, updated construction industry should be brought in to clear away cluttered town centres to build low cost healthy accommodation with established facilities for workers and business communities.

Rural Problems

To prevent migration of the rural population to cities, Pakistan needs:

  • Reviving and reinstating Cottage Industries and local skills.
  • Modernising agriculture and agricultural related industries
  • Introducing vocational and enterprising education
  • Saving arable land through laws
  • Providing modern health care facilities
  • Improving transport system specially rail transport.
  • Any new farming policy should take the nature of the soil and climate of the area into account before making change or law.

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