Unsung Heroes

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Unsung Heroes


an unsung hero ;
it is sad that we dont know about such beautiful pakistanis, i got to know about him today via this post but he was a child of international fame

– Iqbal Masih, “An Unkown” Hero of Pakistan.

Every now and then a person comes along who just makes you look bad. No matter who you are, or what you do… you could be a doctor who corrects cleft palates on Third World babies for free, it doesn’t matter. Iqbal Masih was that kind of person… by the age of 10.

Iqbal Masih was born to a rural family outside Lahore in 1983. He was sold into bonded labor at a very early age to a local employer who owned a business. His father had borrowed money from the employer for wedding of Iqbal’s brother and to repay the loan Iqbal was to work as a bonded labor. He worked daily for about 12 hours for 7 days a week. He escaped when he was ten but was caught and brought by POLICE to his native place and he was sent again to the employer. He escaped again and this time he joined Bonded Labour Liberation Front of Pakistan. He worked with them to free the children like himself and was successful in freeing about 3000 children. He made speeches about child labor throughout the world. He was shot dead in 1995 when he was only 11 years old. His death remains a controversy as some claim he was shot dead by the Mafia opposing to his acts of countering Child labor while others say he was shot dead on personal reasons, the real reason is officially unknown to this day. He was awarded World’s Children’s prize. Iqbal’s cause inspired the creation of organizations such as Free The Children, a Canada-based charity and youth movement and the Iqbal Masih Shaheed Children Foundation which has started over 20 schools in Pakistan His legacy lived on and United States Labor department has an annual award in his honor to eliminate Child Labor which is, The Iqbal Masih Award. Sadly in his home country he is hardly known!

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