This is Your Project

September 15, 2013 Comments Off on This is Your Project
This is Your Project

We know that youth in Pakistan are unrepresented, unheard and ignored from day one.  No one acknowledged the power of youth under the pressure of the bad culture of nepotism and corruption.  Even the youth of the Quaid –e-Azam who played vital role in the making of Pakistan and who were in commanding positions never realised to lay the foundation of ‘an equal’ fair opportunity system, countries are made to last and youth power give them strength to stand u The society adopted the culture set up by vested interests and the youth were left to lost. It was a sin, never to be forgiven by our history.  We have suffered ford it.

We have seen waste, depression and disgust of our youth in the establishment and in society as well for over 6/7 decades.

We have seen their despair in leaving the land where there was no love for them, the country where there was no chance for them. And all it is a very grim story.

In the western world, the dire need of the young Pakistani generation is to be more connected with their origin, faith and culture and be encouraged away from violent / drug addict street culture towards a peaceful honest living.

This page is an effort to retrieve their trust to assure them that all is not hopeless still some people are there who feel their pain.

Through this website we will provide information, guidance and appraisal.

It is your website, use it to nourish your power.  Organise it, manage, it run it.


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