Pakistan is the land of opportunities

October 3, 2014 Comments Off on Pakistan is the land of opportunities
Pakistan is the land of opportunities


Opportunities do not fall from heaven, neither distributed by the so called ‘big friends’, they are created by the confident and proud people themselves.  Five hundreds years ago, Britain was not a rich country. No one in Pakistan can imagine the scale of poverty in Britain at that time, but the British were a proud nation, they had an ego and determination to change life on their island for ever. They are still number one and still rulers. They have contributed so much to the advancement of human life that no one can challenge them in this field. Britain is the most cherished country in the world to live in, not without reasons, and not without hard work of centuries.

The Land of opportunities

What is an opportunity? Opportunity is work, a job to do by using your physical and mental power.  It is a chance to earn money for living, to gain experience, to gain good will of others, to help others, to solve personal and communal problems.  Pakistan is the land of opportunities in the sense that there is so much to do- from putting up a sign post to establishing industries and businesses to employing people.

Can we count an area of our society where work is not needed? The country is in a total mess and chaos and debt ridden.

Is running away the only solution of our problems?

The solution lies in self- reliance and self-help. When you depend on others, they use and abuse you, your problems get worse.

Proud nations can rise from ashes.  Pakistanis have got this ability.  Give back to the motherland some share of what you and your families have been enjoying for nothing.

Build your country by working voluntarily. Working independently and creating jobs for your-self for others.  It is self respect,

No Job is too small!


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