The Change Makers

August 4, 2014 Comments Off on The Change Makers
The Change Makers

The change makers

Where the change is not needed in our society? Changing societies for better is not a magical trick it is a gigantic task of collective effort. The older generation needs to realize that they have behaved badly and must indemnify the damage they have done to a new, aspired nation over six decades. The culture they have passed to today’s generation needs to be changed.

To make our place in today’s world we should get out of this rut quickly.  Every citizen should be a change maker. We need change makers from the grass roots going upwards level by level setting pace for progress, prosperity and integrity.  We need to understand that there is no time for silly differentiating ideas and no job is too small.  Every citizens with any skill are important, road workers, brick layers,, builders, teachers, justice, any.

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To bring change we need belief in our selves.  Waking up masses and preparing them for change is a crusade on national level so instead of looking at other forces every individual should team up and promote an ethos of voluntary work to build up the nation.

We have resources

Our Literacy ratio is  level 35%

Abundant man power

Link with the outside world

Computer power and Wi-fi media

. The skilled and educated retired force should come forward to take up the challenge of engaging and leading youth to practical work. Millions of youth in the country are looking for caring hands. Disappointing them now will be a sin.

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