Team up

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Team up

Team Up is a student-led movement that has been founded by students from accross a numbers of Universities of the UK.

Our mission is to improve social mobility by transforming young people’s prospects at school and university. Our accredited Rising Leaders Programme equips bright university students with the highly-sought professional skills to empower pupils to academic excellence and secure exceptional careers. Our teams of Rising Leaders, active in over 35 universities across the UK, collectively support 1000 young people through tuition and enrichment activities.

Our pupils 

Through small group tuition, we aim to accelerate our pupils’ academic progress by one and a half times their expected attainment. Our Rising Leaders do this by challenging, supporting and appraising their progress over a twenty week programme each academic year. Close collaboration and dialogue with our partner schools means that sessions are tailored to the needs of each pupil, and designed to complement and enhance what they learn in the classroom.

In addition to tuition, our Rising Leaders offer enrichment sessions to the school pupils they teach. They provide invaluable insights into future prospects and help pupils develop the skills and experiences that benefit them beyond exam success. Through accessing our network of inspirational role models, pupils can prepare for applying to the most selective universities in the UK. Enrichment sessions range from Q + A sessions with a Rising Leader, to trips to local museum or local university.

To provide this service we ask that school make a small contribution towards costs associated with our programme. However, we ensure that these costs to schools are minimal so that as many pupils as possible have access to the high quality tuition we provide.

Our students

‘A good degree from a respected university no longer guarantees students a job. We interview over 3,000 bright graduates every year, but only about 25% have the all-round skill set that we recruit for.’ Stephen Isherwood, Head of Graduate Recruitment, Ernst & Young

Professional development of our participants is central to our wider mission of improving social mobility for our university students.Why is this the case? Increasingly, students need more than a degree from a top university to stand out in a competitive market, and secure exceptional careers.

Graduates with evidence of professional skills, and experience of applying these skills in a structured placement while at university, are highly-prized by employers like Ernst & Young. However, these opportunities are more readily available to those from families with high levels of social capital.

That’s why Team Up are committed to investing in our university students, by supporting all Rising Leaders through an NCFE-accredited professional qualification. Our Certified Leader awards in Educational Impact and Community Development give students the training and the tools to not only make the biggest impact for young people in their community, but enhance their own prospects of securing competitive careers.

MissionOur mission is to improve social mobility by transforming young people’s prospects at school and university.Values

We use our values to remind ourselves of what is really important.


Our staff and trustees are the people who have risen to the challenge of helping us make a difference.

Employer Pathway

Overview All of our Rising Leaders will have the chance to apply for an Employer Pathway – this is your chance to be acknowledged for your contribution.

Founding Members

Team Up is a student-led movement that was founded by students from across a number of universities. Here are a list of some of the students who si

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