Shaping the Future- Citizenship

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Shaping the Future- Citizenship

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We need to lay sound foundation for the education of citizenship to teach our children and young people to be good citizens of tomorrow.  During early years of Pakistan, in 1950-60, Citizenship was taught as an important subject, as part of history curriculum .  Later on it was mixed with other subjects as topics and lost its importance.  It is the utmost need of today to teach Citizenship in its own right as a full-practical subject to high light its importance in our todays life.  In these pages we have started publishing extracts from the Citizenship Foundation as it is taught and studied in Britain which is our guiding democracy.  We have already published some articles on citizenship in our previous issues but to emphasize  the importance of the subject we feel to recap the function of the subject.  Editor

The UK Citizenship Foundation aims at:

We help young people build a better future

The Citizenship Foundation inspires young people to take part in society as equal members.

We help them to understand the law, politics and democratic life. We promote participation, we help teachers to teach citizenship and we work with young people on issues that concern them.

We want society to be fairer, more inclusive and more cohesive.

We want a democracy in which everyone has the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take part as effective citizens.

Citizenship education helps:

Shaping schools

We help teachers to help young people take responsible action in their lives and communities and shape the world around them.

Our curriculum materials have been used by over 80 per cent of UK secondary schools and 50 per cent of primary schools.

Inspiring action

We motivate young people to shape the world for everyone’s benefit.

Our social action programmes have helped motivate more than a quarter of a million young people.

Influencing policy

We help policy-makers, school leaders and community leaders to understand the importance of citizenship education.

We argued successfully for keeping citizenship on the national curriculum.

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