Ugly Traditions

May 9, 2016 Comments Off on Ugly Traditions
Ugly Traditions

Pakistan’s political scene is the dirtiest and stinkiest in the world.  It is an old scenario.  No sensible person wants to belong to the infamous sector of politics.  Misinformation, rumours, scandales, allegations, counter allegations, lies, swearing,  raping, robbing, killing, abducting and terrorism as if all the nasties from Pandora Box were let loose on Pakistan in early days of the unfortunate state.  Who ever came into power added horrors on the pile instead of checking the mental deterioration of the new nation. Seven decades onward the democratic and Islamic Pakistan has become a living hell for the poor and resourceless people of this country.  A defeaning noise in politics has driven the poor masses to insanity.

Desire for normality, reason, moral and social values, professional ethics, is abnormality in that country.  Our history is very bitter and bleak and present even worse.

Briefly, we take this Issue of Panama leaks.  The performance of all political actors is just disgraceful. unfortunately this has become general order of  our national life.  We do not listen we do not think and we do not accept every thing is done by force.  Two months have gone, the blame game is going on at cost of public funds on both sides.

An educated self-respecting prime minister should, simply, have stepped down and offered himself for accountability even if concience was not clear, he could have taken this last chance of saving his dignity. If he was void of any decency then Imran Khan Mr clean one could have come up to set a good example.  Finally they all agreedto confront each other in the national assembly ,Mr Prime Minister hesitated to show up as he was above this highiest  law making institution.

THe Prime Minister repeated the old story of his golden inheritance. I have to contribute a little more information Mr Nawaz ‘s wealth making spree in 1980s. In Britain all the branches of the National Bank of Pakistan were liquidated, Pakistanis were alarmed, we heard that Shariff brother were buying Petrol Pumps.  This needs to be investigated.  Didn’t it raise a big cry during !980- 90 when most main and brach raiway lines of the coury were dig out to feed the Ittefaq Foundries and the government land was sold to the in service and x-service army offices? Were shining examples of  good Governance?

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