Running a Project

Community First

Charity begins at home

Out of the house, greeting neighbours and smiling at passer- bys is important to create good will and friends.

Looking after the elderly and ill is an all times good job.

Feeding and sheltering a hungry dog, cat or other animal are nice things to do.

If you look at your environment, you may find yourself surrounded in tons of rubbish. It is hard to breathe if you live in a squalor; flies, mosquito and other dangerous insects are a health risk and do not let you eat or sleep peacefully. Wouldn’t you want to get rid of this hell? It’s not you’re doing, it’s not all your family’s rubbish but if you feel strongly against this health hazard then does something about it.

Perhaps there is a bad drain to clean up and mend, a children’s play ground to tidy up or the area needs a football ground for older boys, a women’s community centre, a cycling ramp for cyclists and so on,. Take the challenge, make a difference. Success does not look behind; small projects lead to big projects.

It is important for every one of us to spend some time in community work outside, amongst nature, working in woodland, on new footpaths, cleaning water channels and canal, growing food infield and rented areas.  To get self- sufficiency in food an allotment system should be introduced to grow food in towns and cities. These are only few of million causes to be taken care in Pakistan.

To start with:

  1. Choose a cause

2. Raise awareness about your cause

3. Get co-operation from your family

4. Talk to neighbours, friends

5. Fix a day, advertise your programme, and get help and resources.

6. Ask community to back you up with money, labour and applause

7. Stress that everyone should stick to time.

8.Vow to your resolution before the audience and go.

Precise organisation and commitment is needed in the fields of:



The need for education

Our country needs Bare Foot teachers, doctors and engineers to change the present deplorable conditions.

Every educated person should spare time to educate illiterate young and old, using spaces in mosques, schools, shops, fields, anywhere with a crusade spirit. Teach them literacy, numeric, citizenship and moral values. A crusade is needed to combat illiteracy.

Health / social care

Free information centre on illnesses and disabilities are needed.

Sports centres and open fields to boost up healthy physical activities are need on community basis.

Day care centres for children, elderly and disabled are needed.

Economy is the important sector to be given attention by the Pakistani economists wherever in the world they are, but will they?