Raising Funds

As the old saying goes ‘money makes the mare go’ so you will need money on every step whatever you want to do.

Fund raising is shared on a big level by the community and many stake-holders, but if you are forming a group or a co-op for your private gain, work out fair and equal shares and work under a legal contract; involve a business lawyer and an accountant.

Some suggestions for fund-raising for a common cause:

  • To set up a good example, put down your own money whatever you can afford or the members decide.
  • Ask the community.
  • Do road side collections from passer-bys
  • Asks mosques and religious organisations to help
  • Ask businesses to help
  • Hold fairs, events, jumble sales, auctions, competitions, parties, concerts, dramas etc.
  • Clean offices, work places, do car washes,
  • In the country side, fruit picking, harvesting, and plantation – any job which brings money in for your project.
  • Get sponsorship for big ventures like cycling events, fairs and markets, hiking and mountaineering etc.
  • Other resources are government grants, NGOs, big charities, private donors, businesses, civil society forums schools and colleges.