Partnership and Wealth Sharing:

Today’s business world is embedded in corporate culture. Businesses thrive if there is a multi-talented group taking care of different fronts.  Working together and on fair partnership basis is the best way to start a business and help economy.  When people work on their own initiative they work more efficiently Limited Companies are also important to break the families’ monopolies in the field of industry, trade agriculture and other resources of the nation’s economy.

We hope after a while people from business and economics field will contribute bright ideas to the forum.

We are putting simple practical ideas in front to create opportunities and occupation for the youth to earn decent living.

  • For young men and women who are interested in food, learning cooking and baking is good option. People like eating out these days, they can afford it or not, they make it. Learn cooking by working on a voluntary basis in restaurants and takeaways in sweet and cake shops and in ice cream factories, from the internet and TV programmes.
  • Sewing, cutting and clothes designing are a highly profitable business. If there are a few versatile and intelligent groups of designers in business in big towns, work with them free to learn.
  • Tailoring and fabric dying shops always do well.
  • Ready made clothing business is a good idea.
  • If you are a town planner, get together with building designers, architects and builders to form a company. This the time for up-dated companies to step in to end the monopoly of small builders.
  • Interior designing is a good way of making money; set up companies to cover all aspects of house/ shop and office decoration and refurbishment.
  • Run courses in interior designing, landscaping and gardening.
  • If you are educated in economics, say you want to use your education on banking and micro finance, get together found a firm to succeed but with patience. The ethos of accumulating wealth over night is disastrous on any level.
  • If you have traditional degrees in arts or sciences, set up tutoring centres for school and college students.
  • Centres to offer office and social skills courses and trainings are needed.
  • Learn jewellery making and trading.
  • Pottery and shoe making are trades always in high demand.
  • Beauty care is very popular with all ages.
  • Latest skills in computers technology, photography and mobile phones are in demand.

There is no dearth of ideas for people who want to do business.  Where there is will, there is a way.