No more Hypocrisy please!

October 15, 2014 Comments Off on No more Hypocrisy please!
No more Hypocrisy please!

No more Hypocrisy please!

Society is always the base of culture, politics and even religion.  It is the society which make mode, mood and behaviour of masses.  Societies which lose their directions become corrupt, adopt bad traits, bad characteristics and bad mindsets.  When corruption oozes out from top level nations degrade and extinct. This has happened to us.  It is time to guard, shut this Pandora’s Box tight and throw it in fire.

Bilawal’s arrival in practical politics of Pakistan is neither exciting nor inspiring news for the reasons:

  1. Bilawal’s link with Zardari
  2. Zardari was the ugliest, stinkiest spot on the People Party’s name.  The most conniving and hypocrite president of Pakistan.  He was the darkest curse imposed on Pakistan by a bad party, by bad politics at a bad time.
  3. He gave the worst prime ministers in the history of Pakistan.
  4. Zardari concocted the term Mufahamat- the policy of reconciliation?  What was his Mufahamat ? To Sweep state affairs under the carpet, to gain time for money making and to let the other bad eggs make money by selling Pakistan’s interests.  What development, what progress he can count in his account.
  5. The People’s party had always been bad party. Their rule was the rule of Rouges and Mafias.
  6.   He stranded Benazir from working independently.

Bilawal should not have come into politics without any personal credit.  He knew the back ground his ‘illustrious’ father and his party had prepared for him.

The days of family hierarchy have gone.

Has he declared his family assists in foreign banks?  Has he announced to put the plundered money back to the state bank of Pakistan? No

What benefit his family did to Pakistan? What achievements  has he or his parent  got in credit?

The making of atom bomb was the need of time and it had been in process of making since Ayub Khan’s time.  Actually it was more of engineer’s personal efforts rather than a politically supported motion. Bilawal is no competition to Imran Khan and Dr Qadri.

If he is serious he should start from basics.


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