Lame Education, Crumbling Buildings

December 10, 2014 Comments Off on Lame Education, Crumbling Buildings
Lame Education, Crumbling Buildings

Lame Education, crumbling Buildings

Goals of our  Nation Makers

.  Despite little time I managed to visit two colleges in my village.  The boy’s college gave us impression of a working educational institute because some sports activities were going on the field.  The principal had a big list of complaints against education authorities and the Government in general.  He was weary of corruption from top to bottom.  There is no culture of work or duty consciousness in education as in other systems, employees just sign to receive salaries, and most of them are engaged in private businesses as their main occupations.  They don’t listen if an ‘old type’ Head stress on punctuality and performance.  Higher vacancies of education jobs are filled politically not on merit basis, Ph.ds are appointed from higher up; teachers are not upgraded who have experience and knowledge of the system.

The college has science classes but no student.  Students from well off families go to big cities for education the poor attend art classes in this college and then strive for minor jobs.

In rural schools and colleges principals and the teachers are burdened with extra duties from other government departments especially by the health departments and election commission etc.

They are required to help to eradicate Dangi epidemics and polio endemics.

They sell Red -Cross tickets.

From time to time they help campaigns and drives of the health department because rural hospitals, health centres and dispensaries are totally disabled – non- functioning.

The teachers organise and supervise polling system as well.

Despite worry of a fruitless journey, I found a principal in the local Women Degree College but no staff at 2 pm and I could also see about 20 girls roaming about in dusty, dirty fields but no classes.  The college has only 4 staff members and 8 internship teachers who actually are hopefuls of qualified teacher’s status sometime in future. There were only two teachers in the staff room enjoying the company of class 4 male servants.

The huge new building of the college was in total mess and decay.  The principal looked to be a bookish person without any administrative qualities.  She did not seem  interested in her job and was just making trips from city to the village to receive a good salary.  Such are the motives of our national workforce.  Such are the motives of our teachers. The story is not particulaly of  one place one goes in a Pakistani educational organisation the story is the same.

Teaching arts and science subjects in rural colleges is nothing but sheer waste of new brains and local talents.  Agriculture and Horticulture related subjects and skills based on areas geography should be taught in rural educational set-ups.  More emphasis should go on practical and field work rather than on old theories.  It is time to change the culture of Loot for the sake of our future generations, big Kothis and bank balances wouldn’t go with your children’s need.  It would be a cemented,jammed money.

In a rural place like Daultala, which was rich in fruit and vegetable farming in the past old skills should be taught as new subjects with new demands.

Fruit orchards and vegetable farming

Flower farming

Iron mongery

Leather tanning

Shoe making




First aid


Midwifery                                                                                                                                                                                            if

Family Planning

Cooking, baking

Food preservation

The world has changed there is a big demand for of new times house related arts and trades and technologies.  No job is too small.




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