Our Flowers, Our Stars

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Our Flowers, Our Stars

Cerastium arvense - a plant used as an antihemoragic in past

New day brings new promise, new hope, they knew

Curious what was there to be

The nation’s future, the parent’s pride

Aspired, inspired, fly high

To skip the time, to conquer the space

To retrieve the shine, glory and fame

Promised once for their motherland.

They vowed alone they vowed with friends

To do or die for their beloved land.

That morn

With glowing faces and sparkling eyes

To mums and Dads they kissed good-bye

The hurried to school

To greet their teachers, to meet their friends

To laugh and giggle, to mock and tease

To play, to enjoy, to learn to succeed.

The school was their love of life.

Row after row the Light Brigades

Charging like winds and surging like waves

Laughing and shouting. kicking and running

Planning, programming for a wonderful day.

The building resounded with laughters and glee

Little they knew their fate to be.

The ugly death ambushed in rage

Laced with mortars, grenades and guns

She charred our flower, she burnt our stars

Round of round on that killing spree

She gyped our eyes, she ripped our hearts.

She left us dead nor live.


Prayers and message of condolence from Awais Mughals and her  friends.  We highly value sympathy and grief expressed by the friends.  Editor

A Prayer from Mother’s Union Prayer book

Loving God, we pray that children may be loved and nurtured in a peaceful environment and allowed to grow in wisdom and confidence so that they may experience the peace of God in their lives. Amen.

Our prayers are with all the families who have lost their beloved children, family members in the terrible event at Army Public School Peshawar on Tuesday 16th. Dec 2014. It is a dark day in the history of Pakistan. Just to assure the parents and the families of the teachers and head teacher who were murdered in merciless and brutal attack that you are not alone in this difficult time. The people in Pakistan and all over the world are praying for you and the God of justice will heal your hurt by bringing justice for you.  (Mrs Awais Mughal)

Here are some of the messages shared by my friends from the UK.

Dear Awais-I am so deeply shocked about the news coming from Peshawar, what a terrible terrible event.  The news about the deaths of so many children has deeply rocked the people here in England, everyone is outraged that such a thing to could happen.  I don’t know what to say to you except that we are holding you all in our prayers and pray that somehow this might lead to a change of hearts. (A friend from London).

We are all horrified at the tragedy that occurred on Tuesday when all those lives were lost. Not sure where you are living in Pakistan, is it near the school? Our TVs have shown terrible pictures and told horrific stories of the event. How do families overcome such grief and how will it affect their view of Christmas? We will be thinking of them all and trusting they will find some comfort and relief in their time of need.

Blessings to them and to you,

(A friend from Bradford Cathedral)

How terrible it was to hear of the awful news of the massacre of children and teachers in Peshawar.

Our hearts go out to the parents and relations of all those killed in such a cruel way.

Someone said to me ‘We have a terrible world’

My reply was ‘We have a wonderful world but sadly there are some terrible people living it’

(A friend from  Mother’s Union Whitkirk-Leeds)

Some intense feelings were expressed:

‘I cannot sleep, thinking why, why these cruel , ugly people were born among us’? Zarqa Khan

I am on depression tablets because when I used to look at my children, their faces started changing and I started screaming.   (Name withheld)

Pakistan is an unfortunate country. Laila

Our people are beasts, they are not human beings,  Urfan

I disown ———( 17 years old girl)

Yes, how can they do such horrible atroicities in the name of Islam. ( another teenager)

It is too atrocious and too complicated to think about. Who is not a Taliban there? Mahzar Hussain

Too shocking.  (Fatima)

Very painfull!  But as Allah wills.  Javed Malik

Generally people are so badly hurt that they donot want to talk about it

‘Why religion has always been the root cause of violence?’ Questions the famous Pakistani writer Jaun Elia questions.

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