Life Skills

March 10, 2015 Comments Off on Life Skills
Life Skills

When I asked a young supporter to get moving, she experienced a sense of loss.

She felt lost because she was inexperienced and young person, she needed guidance!!

Many of us feel this life on our Journey in life so I thought I would share some of my personal guidance in life.

I call them the Be All in life: B

Positive—A positive Outlook brings results.

Resourceful– – Use the Community and other Useful Networks around you.

A Team —Working together gets the best results.

Diverse-…Old, Young, Male, Female, Rich, Poor, Able bodied or Disabled. We all have individual qualities.

Openminded—Having an open mind allows ideas to flow

Alert—Look around for changes to be made within your neighbourhood.

A Good Listener—Through listening we can assist in findingsolutions to problems enhancing better living.

The last Be in my life is Befriend and bring unity to the cause.

Now the next step is becoming practical,working for change.

Send me some Beautiful photographs of stories of events that have brought people together within your community.

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