Independence to the Independents

September 10, 2014 Comments Off on Independence to the Independents

By: Sarrat Gill
Undergraduate Student in Media Studies
Islamia University Bahawalpur


Islamic Republic of Pakistan, even after gaining its independence in year 1947, couldn’t really manage to get itself independent. Quaid-e-Azam, had dreams regarding this nation, which came right to the ground as year after year we fell slaves to our own generated social evils. Countries which gained their independence after us, today, are listed among the developed countries, while Pakistan, even after having everything, is still considered as a developing country. In fact, Pakistan is one of the World’s richest countries but with the poorest economy. Pakistan, has the second largest salt mine in the world, seventh largest copper mine, fifth largest coal reserves, seventh largest wheat and rice production capacity, fifth largest gold mine in the world and is eighth in the rankings of fresh water availability with 2,053 cubic meters of water per person according to a study conducted in 1995. All we lack at is a good leadership. Since the August 14th, 1947 we never really managed to get ourselves a leader to lead us to the glory our Quaid had dreamt about.
A political change in the power and organizational structures could not be brought up without a leadership and a clear vision about what objectives we are to achieve and what changes are to be brought up in the political scenario to make it more stable and prosperous. As ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’ a revolutionist from the 20th century era while fighting for the ‘African-American Civil Rights in America’ once said, ‘’ Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’’
During the General Elections of 2013, Imran Khan, a former cricketer, a national hero, an author, a philanthropist and a politician stepped forward in this political hustle and claimed to be the only hope for Pakistani nation for saving this sinking ship. A former cricketer, who has proved himself as a national hero back in year 1992 at the time of ICC World Cup, when he brought the Champions Trophy back home, became the hope for the whole Pakistani nation during this crucial time. Pakistani nation, under this dark age of economic, social and political crisis is looking towards Imran Khan to walk them through it.
Since 14th of August, 2014 the day Imran Khan (Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf) declared a peaceful protest for conducting a clean and fair re-election,in front of the Parliament House, Islamabad, a massive increase in his number of followers could be seen. People from all over Pakistan are reaching the capital each day, trying to show their support for him to lead Pakistan as its next elected Prime Minister. He has managed to win over the hearts of all the present classes of people. People, regardless of their class, sect and religion, could be seen going there to be a part of his protest, from a family belonging to the elite class to a hawker from to a far flung distant town. It’s like he is talking about getting ourselves back together as one, as a Pakistani.
An increase in Imran Khan’s fan following couldn’t only be seen on the TV channels but even on the social media these days. Imran Khan has gone viral all over the social media, and his supporters are showing their support towards his cause by posting pictures, tweets and status updates minute after minute. And then there are those people who are opposing his decision of Azaadi March. That’s the group of people who try to look over both sides of the picture. They agree to the fact that the government’s performance has not been impressive since the General Elections of 2013, but according to them the political matters are better to be resolved inside the parliament house rather than on the road. That’s what the National Assembly is for. This group of people includes type of people, those who support the present government and Pakistan Muslim League (N) and those who don’t support any political party but Pakistan itself. All they want is to see Pakistan moving towards a better future.
According to them, Imran Khan has taken a wrong decision about conducting his Azaadi March as it has affected Pakistani economy. The stock market went on a downward spiral even before the Azaadi March started, and Karachi Stock Exchange plunged by 1375 points or 4.6 per cent to 28,037 in the morning trading session, reversing weeks of positive performances, as reported by Dawn Newspaper. Whereas this protest increased the number of Captain’s fan followers, it has even made some people believe that this act of his has only made the political, social and economic conditions worse. Millions dollar projects which have been started in the Capital are left in the middle due to Khan’s Azaadi March. Chinese President, China which is said to be our closest ally, has recently postponed his visit to Pakistan which was considered to be beneficial for the Pakistani Economy. And most of all Imran Khan’s protest, a gathering this huge in the capital, is a continuous threat to the democracy, as in case of any unfortunate event, the army would take control over the country, and we are definitely not in a position of going under another Marshall Law for the 6th time.
Thus, it could be seen that Imran Khan is winning a lot of admiration from people, who are not even political activists, and they have started believing in his passion and beliefs. A protest that stands steadfast from the Independence Day till the Defense Day, despite all the harsh weather and the government’s opposition, it seems like a new History is about to be made and sooner or later, He will be able to bring the change of ‘Naya Pakistan’, he has been talking about since the days of his Election Campaigns in 2013.

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