Youth Issues

Youth issues in Pakistan

  1. Stereotyped guidance by parents Class distinction: Old English style life, stress on high education, race for high jobs, living a
  2. No respect for working class or practical job.
  3. Out-dated education system, theoretical teaching.
  4. No facilities, no idea of educational and communal activities.
  5. Corruption
  6. Drugs/ criminal activities
  7. No jobs
  8. No clear idea of economy
  9. Confused and depressed society.

Youth issues in Britain

As Britain is a free country youth over here are free too, to adopt whatever lifestyle appeals to them without bothering about consequences.  Pakistani youth belong to this mainstream and are not different by any means and can be. So

  1. They have turned to free sex life.
  2. A significant number is turning to gay and lesbian tendancies.
  3. Others have taken up running brothels, prostitution and pornography.
  4. A significant number of Asian girls in prostitution.
  5. For easy money boys have turned to criminal activities, burglary, car theft, bank breaking, terrifying and black-mailing women and children.
  6. Under peer pressure or victimization by corrupt older generation 30% have turned to the use of drugs.
  7. Another 50% are drug sellers and drug pushers, controlled and directed by experienced drug dealers. Growing and selling cannabis is the latest mania of this looser generation.
  8. Ignorance, lack of social sense and social responsibility is a big factor of Pakistani youth’s lonesomeness and depression.
  9. Disability is another big reason of depression.  In Pakistani community disabled people’s rights, emotions and needs are not recognised.

On the other hand the illiterate and unquestioned religious leaders are playing havoc to our youth.  They brainwash our youth against new times and its requirements to keep their hierarchy thus, depriving the community from to value our asset-the youth. Old type Madrassas are flourishing, whereas our new brains and bodies are being turned into useless stooges by repetitive education of religious teaching.   The youth are not taught life skills.   Last but not least, the great scourge the Pakistani youth are facing is the institutional racism. We wish to see these issues addressed by b the youth and for the youth through media communication and education system in school, colleges, anywhere, where young people get together. We want youth to help themselves by taking social responsibilities seriously, creating groups and generating opportunities for themselves. The role of our website is providing information on education, opportunities and jobs.