Ideas Bank

This page is to help generate ideas and provide tools to achieve success in the mission of building a great Pakistan.  The first idea is being good citizen.

Characteristics of good citizenship


You believe you can work selflessly for the unity, progress and prosperity of Pakistan without any inclination of any personal gain anyway.  You will be always honest to the cause of Pakistan and you will to the best of your knowledge to accomplish the mission of Pakistan building.


You believe that working together with like-minded people can make difference. Building a nation is a team work on national scale. Unity is commitment which requires total alliance, solidarity and sacrifice of your ways and habits, ideas and personal gains. Unity is being loyal to your cause and to your colleagues.


Once you are committed to your cause nothing should deterr you. Be hones,t be loyal, do your best to achieve success in your mission. Your cause is precious to you; you are dedicated to it.

Self analysis is a must before any commitment

Working in a big environment and for a big target you have to be a good listener, tolerant and a good team player.

Some dos and don’t:

Get rid of;

·         Personal likes, dislikes, ways and habits that could be problems in the long run.

·         Prejudices / jealousies/ bitterness etc

·         Desire of any gain

It is best to:

·         Win supporters of the family and friends.

·         Socialize with wider range of people

·         Find like-minded people

·         Don’t hesitate to discuss ideas

·         Be convincing by being a good communicator

·         Be open minded, encourage others to come forward

·         Always be ready to help

·         Be fair and just

·         Try to be a good role model

·         Choose a field to work according to your education, profession, interest, need or the need of your community.