GreePen … A Living Plant From A Dying Pencil!

August 4, 2014 Comments Off on GreePen … A Living Plant From A Dying Pencil!
GreePen … A Living Plant From A Dying Pencil!

By  International Youth Network Volunteering Team from Algeria

The first company producing biodegradable pencils “Bi-Up” made its appearance in the Algerian territory thanks to a group of dynamic young students from the Technical University of Architecture and Urbanism (EPAU) in Algiers.

In fact, they had the ingenious idea of designing ecological and biodegradable pencils made of clay paste to provide excellent writing experience and beyond that, to grow fresh herbs such as: basil, Coriander, mint and rosemary. At home thanks to organic seeds present at the end of each rod.
Bi-Up is a junior company created under the Injaz program el Djazair – affiliated to INJAZ Al Arab; an organization that addresses the young students in the 14 countries of the MENA – Middle East and North Africa and whose aims are to inspire and educate young Algerians leadership and values of the company, prepare succeed in their career and develop their sense of responsibility.
Bi -Up “is part of a sustainable development by educating the society for the protection of the environment through the commercialization of biodegradable products while considering the economic aspect, this mainly using local natural materials,” says B.C.Bouchra CEO of the company.
“Of course we are just a small drop in the ocean as part of a great movement that is sustainable development, but we are proud to be among the first to address this approach in our country” says T.Dounia occupying the communication department.

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