Globalize Your Campus

April 1, 2015 Comments Off on Globalize Your Campus
Globalize Your Campus
Campus Globalization Through Perception Transformation

Institutional Globalization Consultants (IGC) specializes in globalization of educational institutions through customized solutions aimed towards campus needs. IGC takes a full spectrum approach to campus globalization and utilizes a blend of thematic and programmatic infusion tools, outcome based programming and program designs, strategic planning, customized training, assessment, evaluations and more to achieve desired transformation.

IGC assists institutions to develop a seamless web of educational environment where perceptions are transformed from local to global; where campus constituents are trained to view situations and solutions through a global lens as today’s students learn to develop into tomorrow’s global citizens on your campuses.

Our Services are designed to assist specific campus areas and units (see Service Areas). Your visions of globalization and our expertise in strategic solutions can achieve the educational transformation your campus or program requires without adding new staff and long term financial commitments.  We assist you to prepare your students for their global reality and transform your professional arena to reflect a 21st century educational institution.


Areas of Specialization
Student Affairs Globalization
Campus-wide Globalization
Unit-specific Globalization and Training
Faculty Global Programming

Categories of Services
Strategic & Organizational Planning
Training of Staff and Students
Assessment & Evaluation
Student Programming
Faculty (classroom) Programming

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