Get Inspired!

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Get Inspired!

It is good to be positive, it keeps you going tall and alert. Being judgemental is no good, judgement puts you in confusion and trouble. Keeping yourself normal is good, taking things as they come leaves a big margin to learn, to share and to enjoy.

I am publishing this newsletter for the youth, to give them new look, to show them unseen horizons (because they are Iqbal’s Shaheen) and to aspire and inspire them to subdue new galaxies, new spaces.

IPYouth is a sole effort and any effort never goes wasted.

The stuff I am producing is simply fantastic and inspirational. When one looks around the world, people busy in changing their circumstances, their communities, their destiny, using brains, using technology; one’s belief in a sublime power renews and gets stronger.  Such a worldwide awakening, so much co -operation so much help and so much struggle for the betterment of humanity going on, everything feels miraculous, specialy in the wake of recent waves of crimes against humanity by ignorant adventurers and vicious big powers, one questions’ is this all  balancing the life on earth.

Fellow country men! please get out of your shells it is the time for Change.  You can see that every piece of writing in this e-publicatin revovles around the desire of improvement for the people of Pakistan. Every word is written with the love for the mother land. for brother citizens, for humanity in general, then why there is no response, neither verbal nor in action from you readers and prescribers? Well…

I am producing relevant information from advanced youth organisations for the benefit of high educated youth who are thinking of leadership role and high profile jobs and am also covering the work of individuals and NGOs in difficult situations to give you ideas that with what ttenacity people overcom hazards.

Talking about innovations and initiaves, its not a specialist field, little ideas make History.

A wonderful initiative Followers 138,000 ( over head is the Pothwar map.)

Here is a good news from my own area.  Recently I found about website.  A website which was originally setup, 15 years ago, to find ‘homeliness’ in a foreign land. I believe the founder  Naseer Mohammed Raja was looking for a circle of friends and area fellows to socialise and to share newsfrom back home.  Basically he founded a friendship forum but he used computer to reach friends, that’s made it a modern idea.  I am sure Raja Sahib didn’t have a clue ‘what mammoth dimension his nice dream was going to take? Good hearts flourish!

Pothwar. com is website but look at its multi- dimensional role: It is e- newspaper which covers socio-political life of the region and keep people in touch with the outside world.

2. a school of technology- It has spread the use of technology especially computer’s use which goes with the number of Pothwar fans, their families and friends who are in millions all over the world.

3. A mean of spreading literacy- the readers of the Pothwar have to be Urdu and English literate.  This means that there is buzz for education in the region.

4. an historian (History Recorder) I have read about the history of the area on its site and the current history is being preserved by the e-publications and video recordings of the people linked with the the website..

5. a charity- the website itself is a charity but it initiates charitable ethos and keeps benefactors informed about the needs of the charitable work in  area.

6. Volunteering forum- We know 70 years ago sociesties of the world depend on voluntry work of their communities.  This noble tradition receded or lost its ground in the recent past but the notions hadn’t gone from the nature of individuals.  The aspiration with which the people of Kaller Sydan area has gathered around Raja Naseer Ahmed is simply inspirational.  I am sure no other charity in Pakistan,even in the world,  can rival in accumulating educated and wealthy workers and supporters in number which are running in millions.

7.This website is playing an important part in the progress and development of the area.

Pothwar. com is a marvellous achievement by Raja Naseer Ahmed and his worthy friends and a good example. They desreve great Mubarakbad, appreciation and love.

Last but not least a sad note. I wanted to write Child Sex Abuse in our men but there is no space in this issue.



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