Eliminating Violence Against Women

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Eliminating Violence Against Women

Eliminating Violence Against Women

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is both a human rights violation and one of the most widespread drivers of poverty. As well as impacting on mental and physical health, violence (and the threat of violence) can also deny women and girls opportunities that would otherwise help to lift them out of poverty, such as attending school, working outside of the home and participating in civil society.

VAWG is a core pillar of Oxfam’s work on putting an end to gender injustice. (Oxfam)


I have Mother’s union and Oxfam’s activism information packs on November 25th in mail box for a week now, I feel I can’t avoid this issue now.  I know this sort of activism took last year too but what what was achieved I donot know. Have they secured some male support or got a voice of support from any leader of the world. Women struggle against men’s chauvenism is Eve’s story but the world has not changed a bit since then.

Violence Against Women is a mind set, it is dark side of man’s musculanity, it is historical, it is sheer ignorance.

Violence against women is sickning and a crimeignorance.  It is historical and has never been challenged by right mended men.  Pleading for mercy, praying and keeing vigils, learning skills to avoid and coping with violence are soft strategies to lessen the hurt.

Violence can be eliminated if:

  • Male thinking is changed
  • 50% of men denounce it morally and confront it physically
  • If societies approve capital punishment against violent crimes

Violence is a wide term.  It is not only physical beat and damage but includes harassment, assault, rape, seclusion, imprisonment, starvation, financial constrain, slavery, mental torture and all other sufferings imposed maliciously.

All other types of violence stem from violence to women.  To combat this moral vice, social and legislatives changes are needed in societies around the world.  And before that change in Male thinking is a must.

Positive thinking is nurtured in children with good brought up, in good  enviroment and good education.

Oneness and equality of man and woman must be incarnated in male child’s mind from the day one.  The male children should be taught by the father that women are human being and not a commodity. They are same to men in every way, they share each other’s blood and flesh, they feel, think and react the same way as men except for biological difference which is to carry on human race not to supersede.  Life is enjoyable if women as a partner, a mother, a sister and a daughter are loved and respected.

Without going into historical controversies we can admit that quick modern facilities have played havoc with woman’s ‘personality’.   She is ever so more exposes to dangers than before.

Man should understand that malice, anger, aggression and revenge are weakness not strengths only mentally weak men cannot control them.

On the other hand women need to learn to be more controlled and articulate in handling difficult partners.

Basically woman is a generator not a family breaker and neither is she just sex pot.

Yes, all sorts of Activism and other of positive steps to combat this gruesome issue should be carried on and one more important is to get strong male voices to support your cause.

Women in resourceful countries should reach to women of far-off deprived societies as well.


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