Dear Youth

October 15, 2013 Comments Off on Dear Youth
Dear Youth

Dear Youth!

We know that the youth in Pakistan are and were always unrepresented, unheard and ignored from Day One. We know the reasons, but we shouldn’t waste time in  a feeble blame game and digging out graves .

We have seen the despair of the youth and are experiencing the resulting disasters. Children and young people flourish in a loving and caring environment under the guidance and directions of parents, teachers and institutions related to the future of the nation’s youth. Unfortunately, nothing like this was done for our youth; no practical policy, no opportunity and no positive outline for the future generations was laid by the leaders of Pakistan in any time of the history.

This selfishness, this negligence has taken its toll. We are suffering from bad brain-drain and shortage of skilled manpower.  A significant strength of youth has migrated abroad in search of opportunities and the rest are in a bad depressive state, overall.

Another sad reality is that Pakistan’s demoralization is affecting Pakistanis everywhere in the world; they are treated with contempt, hate and they are in a state of depression, too.  Should this state of affairs prolong?

In the western world, the dire need of the young Pakistani generation is to be more connected with their origin, faith and culture and be led away from violent / drug addict street culture to a peaceful honest living.

The heart-rending fact is that at present our unfortunate country is consistently hammered by internal and external enemies and the public has lost the sense of loss. Pakistan’s integrity and economy is being rapidly destroyed by the bad leadership inside and through insurgency from outside to make it a slave or a submerged state.

Under the current circumstances, youth are our only hope.

Dear Youth!

Come forward to change the destiny of our beloved long-suffering Nation.

Hold up the national flag, keep it high! Realize the worth of the motherland. Pakistanis would be another Palestinian crowd living on charities if there were no Pakistan.


Mobilize your talents, mobilize the power of the depressed nation, ignite their good-selves through your spirit, hold masses’ hands, pull them out, lead them to build the nation.

Change every house in a factory and every field into a farm. It will be a long and hard struggle but no one will die of hunger.

Take control, take this message to every nook and corner of the country, make the revolution happen.

This Website is an effort to return trust at you, the youth, exert it.

This is your page. Use it to nourish your power. Organize it to revolutionize your world. Manage it as a beacon of Hope.

This is the Call of the Time. Respond to the mission, your mission, urgently by signing and supporting us.

At the same time we request parents, teachers, educationalists and policy makers, country’s retired force and like minded organisations to use this website as a platform to reach to the youth, to support us to make difference.

Your incessant support is much more needed for the youth now to take them to the last horizon of success.  Please do it, make up for the past blunders.  Help to bring a bright future for your coming generations, life will not end with you.


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