Forward in Unity

We look forward to receiving every one in general but our youth in particular to use this website for their benefit. We want to make this website a powerful tool to change the depressed and white washed minds of our youth; to guide them to a new era of change, to open a door of opportunities on them.  We honestly feel that direct communication will be a great way of constructing a new Powerful Pakistan for future generations.  Please get involved, become our members, come forward ready and prepared to show your talent in your chosen field. Commit yourself to the cause of Pakistan. We are providing opportunity to change your destiny, take it or leave it – your choice.

The big and hard causes are not achieved only by rules and regulations unless they are not supported by moral and spiritual values which are often referred as personal attributes or characteristics of the men and women in the field.

Membership Criteria

Here are a few important attributes we want our members to acquire:

Honesty, Loyalty, Determination


Honesty is, believing in yourself, believing in the cause you are working for. You believe you can work selflessly, honestly for the cause you have chosen and here, it is for the welfare of others than you and your family, for the people of Pakistan.  Be honest to your country.  Your country needs you.


You believe that working together with like-minded people can make a difference.  Building a nation is team work whether on a small or big scale -a total alliance and unity. Unity is commitment which requires sacrifice – giving up your own ways and habits, ideas and personal gains for a greater cause.  Unity is being loyal to your cause and to your colleagues.

Working in a big environment and for a big target you have to be a good listener, tolerant and a good team player are the requirements of loyalty.


After careful thinking you have chosen a cause to work for, commit yourself to it.  Nothing should change your mind it. Use everything you have, to achieve success. Your cause is precious to you; you are dedicated to it.  Become bold and daring.

On a personal level self-analysis is a must before any commitment.

Some dos and don’t:

Get rid of:

  • Personal likes/ dislikes ways and habits that could be problems in the long run.
  • Prejudices / jealousies/ bitterness
  • Desire of any gain

On the positive side it is best to:

  • Win support from family and friends.
  • Socialize with wider range of people and find like-minded people
  • Don’t hesitate to discuss ideas
  • Be convincing / be a good communicator
  • Always be ready to help
  • Be a good role model
  • Choose a field to work according to your education, profession, interest, need or the need of your community