Change in the air

August 4, 2014 Comments Off on Change in the air
Change in the air


At the moment, It is an inspiring scene on the youth front around the world.

The globe is buzzing with the hub of youth activities.  They are out in the field working on every front, from growing food to waste disposing from holding literacy classes under the sky to finding water resources under deserts to building energy producing machine from scratches to finding cure in unknown herb . Not only that they are leaving marks on changing the business world and on social trends.

Every where, around the world from Nicara Goua to the Bali islands they have taken up their responsibilities of helping communities.  Inspired and passionate they are taking big strides to bring change- change for a common man’s life.

Equipped with quick information tools they can’t sit back and moan, they know

they have to change their destiny and they are doing it confidently.

There are some very inspiring stories on our site this time to enjoy and we will carry on introducing and bringing youth together everywhere.


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