Celebrating Youth-led Innovation in Mexico

June 23, 2014 Comments Off on Celebrating Youth-led Innovation in Mexico
Celebrating Youth-led Innovation in Mexico

At a recent awards ceremony in Mexico City, ten new Fellows from YouthActionNet’s Premio UVM por el Desarrollo Social (UVM Prize for Social Innovation) were honored alongside three inaugural recipients of the Premio UNITEC a La Innovación Tecnológica Para El Desarrollo Social (UNITEC Prize for Technological Innovation for Social Development). One of twelve local YouthActionNet programs carried out through Laureate International Universities and sponsored by the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation, UNITEC is the first YouthActionNet Institute to focus entirely on youth as drivers of “tech for social good.”

While many young leaders are leveraging the power of technology such as social media or online data collection to run successful ventures, UNITEC awardees have applied technology directly to solve some of society’s greatest challenges. Those celebrated include a 21-year-old student who engineered a solution to reduce pollutants from car emissions and an aspiring architect who harnesses technology to capture rainwater for home use.

Fellows from both programs were able to reflect and grow through a week-long advanced leadership training, and received funds to expand activities and deepen their impact. Connected to the YouthActionNet community of over 900 social entreprenurs worldwide, these young leaders have entered into a lifetime of support, continuing education opportunities, and connections that will follow them as they navigate new ways to change our world.

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