September 7, 2014 Comments Off on Blog

Youth is the best time of life.
Dear Youth! Don’t live for once live forever, contribute your share in the evolution of life on this planet. Believe in yourself, open your minds, and believe in change as CHANGE – movement, action is the essence of life.
YOU are the change!
Pakistani youth have no time to lose in frivolities, use resource to brighten up your future, to conquer galaxies. You have got everything to bring change, brilliant brains, abundant resources, and wonderful motherland, what else you need to perk up?
Change your Out Look!
Break away from the global culture of exploitation and corruption. The world will be still yours if you are genuine and honest.
You have got the wonderful computer power in hands, an unlimited Gold Mine of ideas and resources. Use it and prove that you were not born to live in fear and hunger.

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