Basic Rights & Responsibilities

October 3, 2014 Comments Off on Basic Rights & Responsibilities
Basic Rights & Responsibilities

It is nourishing to see that the  Moving and Shaking War on ignorance and powerlessness of Pakistani public, by Imran Khan and Dr Qadri, has brought positive results.

Democracy is acclaimed as a good way of governance and basic human rights are gaining importance in masses. People are thinking of giving space to others, not only that but an ethos of solidarity and brotherliness is taking place which can lead to strong nationalism, which is most needed at the moment.  Nationalism if scrutinized and kept in boundaries plays important role in pulling nations up of stagnation and taking them to heights. Yes, a feeling of oneness is eminent in political sit- ins, gatherings and Jalsas.  Where there was a doomsday scene of indifference and fear before there is solidarity now.

Basic rights and transparent governance is our need but all this do not come without application of responsibilities and vice-versa. Citizenship is anarchy without responsibilities.  In absence of responsibility sense anti -national and anti -social elements flourish, no one can dream of any development, as has happened in our case.

It is time for the leaders to take up importance of responsibilities in their speeches because what is talked about now, in this defining time, would incarnate in the minds of masses.

On national level, we have stressed many times before in our blogs, it is the responsibility of educated retired people from all walks of life to discuss and teach to the  general public through teaching and involving them in nation building programmes.

To to start with, education is must for every Pakistani irrespective of age and to educate uneducated is the call of time.  Give your time to educate people on democracy, citizenship,  rights and responsibilities, rights and wrongs, good values and importance of community, turn every place into a school- own houses, schools, offices, playgroundsand gardens.  Amazed yourself with the Change.


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