Actions Speak Louder Than Words

April 2, 2014 Comments Off on Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Some people have expressed their dismay at today’s youth. But we forget they only inherited this ethos of ‘self’ and easy money from their older generations.  We adopted wrong attitudes of the west but we have not taken their love for community and homeland, their enthusiasm for national welfare and volunteerism.

Volunteerism was embedded in old cultures around the world.  Communities used to work for their communal needs.  I remember many shining examples of my childhood when on a single beat of drum (Dohl) young men and women of our village used to ooze out of their home with digger and shovels to clean pools and wells, to clear roads and paths.  Women at home got busy cooking nice food for the workers and children participated with excitement. A Boys school was totally build up by volunteers and funded by community exclusively.  People used to take pride in working for their communities.

Why was it  so? Because leaders were good role model, they were workers first, humble and non-judgemental.

Since we have migrated to cities, we are lost in our own world.  We are no longer good role models, not patriot.

This call is for back to basics. Wherever you are, please think in a broader term of community and nation.  Think of construction and motivate youth in the field.  Be the first one in the field.


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