Q-AzamInspiring Youth is a new chapter in composition in the history by the sons and daughters of Pakistan who believe in reshaping the destiny of their motherland and are anxious to work hard to bring their country in line with respectable independent nations of the world.

We believe it is time for the educated youth of Pakistan to be bold, progressive and innovative to use their potential in bringing change-the change their nation has been waiting for so long.

We believe in equality of every one who is born on the soil of Pakistan irrespective of race, colour, creed, gender and disability.

Pakistan is a sovereign nation, totally compact in one natural land, one culture, one national language and one predominant religion which acknowledges equal rights for minority religions. No one should be given a chance to tamper with the sovereignty of this beloved land. It is youths’ duty to safeguard the integrity of the country.

Our aim is to engaging our youth in the process of nation-building by working on the key pillars of education, economy, environment and community.

Through this page we will provide information, guidance and appraisal.

We are providing the youth a forum to present their ideas and projects for comments and discussion, to share and celebrate their success and   experience with the well – wishers of Pakistan. We expect fair and respectable participation with analytical mind and educated approach.

This page is non-political and non-religious. It is not to be abused in any way as all the established social, moral and legal terms and conditions for such forums are applied on this one. We will not consider publishing any malicious, derogatory and abusive material against any individual or group.

The forum is open, we welcome everyone!