Natural Environment

[box] Natural Environment- Out and about[/box]

If you are a country loving person, then your degrees could be more helpful in working with hands. There are jobs outside to enjoy for example

Cleaning and deepening of water and irrigation systems.

Growing orchards and setting up industries related to the produced.

Mending paths and roads

Our open land, forests and scrub land are badly treated and destroyed not only by ignorant people but by vested interests.

Our soil is the best in the world, our deserts and mountains are full of mineral wealth; youth may discover them by fracking and drilling.  Our mountains of

Baluchistan and Kurakaram ranges are full of Natural gas and minerals.


[box] Natural beauty and National Heritage needs restoring[/box]

Vast areas should be covered under National Park schemes to conserve nature and wild life.

Our museums, historical sites and buildings, gardens, castles, and forts, canals and baths need preserving.  Our big treasure of old books and cultural heritage is neglected.  Private trusts should be set up to safeguard the national heritage.