A glorious Chapter

September 14, 2014 Comments Off on A glorious Chapter

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A New Glorious Chapter….

Pakistan is going through the worst time of its existence:

The cleanup operation on terrorists by the army is going on.

Our ‘good old neighbour India is impatient to dismantle the country. Unprovoked firing on the Eastern border and fierce infiltration in Karachi is taking toll of our national life.

To escape floods India has opened the gates of big barrages on Ravi and Chenab rivers to drown Pakistan when they do not spare a drop of water even for our thirsty animals in summer.

The economy has totally slumped down because of the political unrest.

But it is an  inspiring time, too.

A great glorious chapter of Pakistan history is being made by the people.  After 60 years of exploitation by corrupt leaders and corrupt regimes, the masses have finally stood up for their right otherwise the long Marches of August and four week’s sit-in shows by PTI and PAT leaders against Nawazz weren’t be possible. Both leaders and their supporters are of great material.  Braving the weather, the ugly government, hunger and exhaustion, with great tenacity together they are determined to change their destiny.  These are defining moments.
Imran Khan and Dr Qadri have proved their mental,l no politician before them sounded so sincere and have proved so tenacious in the face of such a fascist regime.
The nation Salute them!

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