A call for building the nation

December 8, 2014 Comments Off on A call for building the nation
A call for building the nation

A call for building the nation

Imran Khan has spent four months in Sit- In and is  still adamant to continue on until Nawaz’s Government is toppled over or finished by whatever mean.

His sit-in achieved its purpose of mass awakening in the first 60 days.  It united people in one bond of being Pakistani. It gave them courage to speak up for their rights.  Recently, it has brought down prices of petrol and eased off gas and electric load- shedding, and now the Government seems working in some areas.  These phenomenal achievements wouldn’t be possible through any other political activity in 40 years.  His tenacity and his passion for Justice is unequivocal and laudable.

The adverse affects of Sit In were felt on already troubled economy of the country.  KPK Government is on stand still, rural Sindh’s cry of deprivation is ignored and situation in Bluchistan and Waziristan is still worrying despite our military’s best efforts.

Four months are more than enough.  Khan should turn his forces to take up other field.

He should give out a clear manifesto of his party and a detailed road map to reach to people on one one basis.

Time waits for none.  It is best for Khan now to lay constructive basis of his party and inculcate a culture of volunteering and self help to build communities and the nation to be the guaranteed winner.

Any area where work is not needed


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