Back to Basics

May 8, 2016 Comments Off on Back to Basics
Back to Basics

The Quaid was the Shining example of great personal qualities.


Pakistan is going through the worst phase of its history.,‘change’ is the public cry. We need Change but first in our attitudes. Wishing for change we are now, and specially a sustainable change, is a hypocritical wish when nothing is being done towards character building. Change is not possible if it does not come from the grass roots.

A sustainable change is possible, only, through educated, informed and groomed parents and teachers as they are the real makers and builders  of human life. We all agree that good ethics are the basis of a good change which a child learn from infancy to coming to adulthood, so parents and teachers should be equipped with skill and practice of inculcating good habits and attitudes in children. This kind of education requires right kind of conditions to be delivered, taken roots and flourish.

We cannot afford to wait for another 50 years to get a respectable place in the contemporary world if we wish to survive as a nation, instead if everyone takes up the cause of purifying, refining and developing a behaviour reforming system through good parenting and good teaching desired result can be achieved within 50 years

As good values and good ethics are always at the heart of a tolerant and developing society we should also go back to basics.  The base of our established education system should be the teaching and practice of good ethics and good values. In Basics, self respects encompass all other personality traits.

Self-respect is that one should not do anything which ashamed one off in public, low one down or hurt others.  Self control is controlling impulses and controlling body functions as well. Respect gains respect and respect makes one distictives.  A respectful person is loved by all.  We all should respect our fellow beings, natural and national laws and our culture.

A self-respected person is honest not means.  He is contented, he keeps himself within his means. When he decides to live within his means he does not need to tell lies, to beg, to cheat and to steal or to be unfair and aggressive. He is calm and patient.

Self- respect is the essence of the universe.  We know everything else except human being keeps to its limit and respects its culture..

Let’s teach our parents and teachers, first, to be self-respecting, so that they can give us self-respecting generations.


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